Last Updated July 7, 2020

This Privacy Policy document informs you of the policies regarding any collection, use, and disclosure of information received from users of the UniChar iOS application, UniChar extensions, and the UniChar website.

UniChar Apps and Extensions

UniChar for iOS, UniChar for Apple Watch, UniChar for Messages, UniChar Keyboard, and UniChar Widget do not log or otherwise keep track of text you type while using these products.

Recently Used symbols are stored on-device and are made available to the UniChar iOS app, Apple Watch app, Widget, and Keyboard. This data is never disclosed to anyone or made available to any system outside of the operating systems running the products. To allow Recently Used characters to remain in sync between the UniChar app and UniChar Keyboard, Full Access must be granted in the keyboard settings. Full Access is not used for any other purpose.

UniChar Keyboard never accesses the data you have typed. Furthermore, the text you enter is never transmitted over the internet.

Search by Drawing processes your drawings on-device. The drawings are not stored nor transmitted outside of the app.

If you choose to help train Search by Drawing, each drawing you submit will be transmitted over the internet and stored in the UniChar database anonymously. Additional information is submitted alongside each drawing including your device type, operating system version, app version, country code, and whether or not the drawing was created using a stylus. This information is only used for analytical purposes. Beause the drawings are not attributed to you or associated with your iCloud account, it is not possible to track who submitted which drawings, and thus there is no way to delete drawings you have submitted.

UniChar Website

In order to utilize the Contact Me form available, some personally identifiable information is required to be sent via email, including your name and email address. This information is used only to provide support; it is never sold or made available elsewhere. This personal information is protected, however, absolute security cannot be guaranteed as any transmission of data over the internet cannot be 100% secure.

Changes to This Policy

Updates to this Privacy Policy will be made available on the website. You are advised to review this policy periodically for any changes.

By using the UniChar apps and/or extensions, or visiting the UniChar website, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact me.